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About GMS

Founding of GMS

GMS was founded in 1998 and has taken a leading position in the metal stamping industry for over 20 years.

Our specialization is metal and stamping manufacturing. Our company employs highly trained specialists and follow continued improvement processes and methodologies. We strive for high quality products by implementing effective workmanship standards supervised by industry professionals. 

Customers are our top priority and we are committed to provide the best service possible . Customer satisfaction and quality workmanship allows us to hold the leading position in the industry gaining our customers' trust and confidence.

Gilbert Metal Stamping is one of the fastest growing companies in the metal and plastic stamping industry. In the last four years we have experienced a significant growth. Our commitment to customer satisfaction and quality workmanship has given us an advantage over our competitors.


Precision stamping, Short to medium run stampings, Metal forming, Deep draw forms, Prototyping, Progressive stamping, Assembly, Machining, Tapping, Stenciling, Milling, and more.

In addition to our quality manufacturing, we have selected a group of specialized vendors to apply coating, specialty welding, and special hardware to your product; therefore, we are capable of delivering a full finished product.

Our customers come from various industry sectors such as Space, Military, General Contracting, Inventors, and many more. We have experienced toolmakers and award-winning professional employees who are familiar with the over-all stamping process. Most importantly our employees are committed to quality. We are customer oriented and listen to your needs at any step of your project.

Since the beginning days of GMS, our presence in the metal stamping industry in the south western United States has been a success. We are a highly motivated company and we continue to experience company growth. We welcome you to contact us to request a quote for any of your existing or future projects.



"I can assure you that your experience with Gilbert Metal Stamping will be very positive. The difference between GMS from other stamping companies is our pride in quality manufacturing, excellent customer service and ability to manufacture innovative products."


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